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    Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic 2008

    29. Feburar - 2. März 2008 in Ohio, Columbus

    Die Arnold Classic's wird zum 20ten mal im nächsten Jahr stattfinden. Ja, Die Arnold Classic gibt es seit 20 Jahren.


    Stand 17.01.08

    Gustavo Badell

    Adorthus Cherry

    Toney Freeman

    Melvin Anthony

    Kai Greene

    Deshaun Grimez

    David Henry

    Dexter Jackson

    Johnnie Jackson

    Victor Martinez

    Desmond Miller

    Ronny Rockel

    Silvio Samuel

    Phil Heath

    Branch Warren

    Fitness International Competitors

    Regiane Da Silva
    Tina Durkin
    Bethany Gainey
    Tracey Greenwood
    Oksana Grishina
    Jen Hendershott
    Kimberly Klein
    Julie Lohre
    Tanya Merryman
    Mindi O’brien
    Julie Palmer
    Stacy Simons

    Figure International Competitors

    Sonia Adcock
    Gina Aliotti
    Paola Almerico
    Catherine Andersen
    Natalie Benson
    Monica Brant-Peckham
    Amy Fry
    Bernadette Galvan
    Jennifer Gates
    Deborah Leung
    Juliana Malacarne
    Kristal Richardson
    Chastity Slone
    Brenda Marie Smith
    Briana Tindall
    Valerie Waugaman
    Latisha Wilder
    Nicole Wilkins

    Ms. International Competitors

    Lisa Aukland
    Tracy Beckham
    Dayana Cadeau
    Tazzie Columb
    Iris Floyd Kyle
    Kristy Hawkins
    Rosemary Jennings
    Debi Laszewski
    Mah-Ann Mendoza
    Colette Nelson
    Yaxeni Oriquen
    Betty Pariso
    Brenda Raganot
    Annie Rivieccio
    Antoinette Thompson
    Betty Viana-Adkins

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    Vic hat sich verletzt:

    aber noch ist eventuell Hoffnung
    folgender zitat von chad nicholls:

    Okay - for the record, I was hoping to keep this off the forums until after we got the results back from Vic's MRI so I could let you know everything - but obviously we have a bunch of boards trying to jump the gun.

    Here's EXACTLY where we are: late last night - Victor was stretching in a lunge style stretch and when he stepped back, he fell down - there was no major pain, no major sign that anything major had happened. He started to step back on it again and his knee gave out. He realized that the knee was slightly dislocated, but still no major pain

    At this point, we have no bleeding, some swelling, but at this point, whether or not he is out of the Arnold, etc. is PURE speculation until we know what we are dealing with and get the results from the MRI and hear from the Doctor.

    Vic is seeing a specialist - I believe it is the surgeon that deals with the NY Giants - he is looked upon as the best in the area and we will know a heck of a lot more tomorrow. Stay posted here - if you want the accurate scoopage.

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    also doch.. Vic ist nicht dabei..

    Just wanted to bring you up to speed with Victor - he's had his MRI, seen the doctor (surgeon) and the surgeon, I believe, is the head of surgery and the same surgeon that works with the NY Giants - so he is in great hands. So, we now can say 100% that Vic is out of the Arnold, which is the least of our concerns at this point - we are 110% focused on his health and with the surgery.

    What we know is that while stretching, he tore his patellar tendon on the left leg. He will be going in tomorrow morning for the surgery and they are confident that the surgery will be a success and that his tendon will be completely repaired. Vic is in good spirits - he's very confident with the surgical team. The recovery time will be approximately 6 weeks and a couple of months of therapy back into training.

    Please, everyone, keep him in your thoughts for a successful surgery and that he gets through it safe and healthy.

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