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    verkauf Bodybuilding Buch "Beyond Brawn" von Stuar

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    This book is not just for novices. It can save you years of wasted toil regardless of your level of training experience, It will propel you into the detailed practical know-how needed to turn you into an expertly informed bodybuilder or strength trainee. You can learn all of this from just a few weeks of serious study. Then apply what you learn and you’ll develop a degree of muscle and might that will make a mockery of what you would have achieved had you stayed with other training methods.

    BEYOND BRAWN will take you right "inside" weight training, to study the practical reality of applying knowledge. It’s not a theoretical treatise or a pack of pseudoscientific claptrap. It provides the real-life, adaptable, flexible and step-by-step instruction needed by typical people who have demanding jobs and family lives.

    You'll learn about all the nitty-gritty practicalities of training. Without a thorough understanding of the practical application of training, even a good program will fail for most followers. Only you can truly know how to train yourself, but you can only do this if you know enough about training. This book will teach you in extensive detail how to design your own training programs, so that you can become the best trainer you will ever get -- your own.


    How this book will help you

    Section 1: Establishing a secure foundation
    1. Setting the scene for building muscle and might
    2. General philosophy for outstanding development
    3. All-time #1 practical priorities
    4. Expectations -- how much muscle and might you can expect
    5. How to plan your growth
    6. Where to train, and the equipment you need

    Section 2: How to train
    7. How to set up your training cycles for big returns
    8. How to achieve your fastest gains
    9. Hard work -- the biggest test of training character
    10. Exercise selection and technique
    11. How to perform your reps
    12. How to design your own training programs
    13. How to personalize your training programs
    14. How to avoid the plague of overtraining
    15. How to milk your training cycles dry of gains
    16. Twenty-three extras for maximizing training productivity
    Summary of how to ensure a successful training cycle
    What if you are an extreme hard gainer?

    Section 3: Special issues
    17. A real-life training cycle for you to learn from
    18. How a training nightmare was silenced
    19. How to never let your age hold back your training
    20. Your how-to of practical bodybuilding nutrition
    21. Beyond the exterior
    22. How to get a grip on your life, and put all that you have learned from this book into action, now!
    Postscript: Did you deliver?

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    das is von dem typen geshrieben, der auch beier FLEX arbeitet, oder?

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    ich glaub der hatte damals auch einige artikel in flex, sportrevue etc. veröffentlich. das ist das beste buch für den genetisch normalen trainierenden ohne doping. verkaufe dieses exemplar weil ich mir das buch als hardcover sammleredition gekauft habe und nun dieses buch übrig ist - für ein bild vom buch schreib einfach an

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    und, i das jetzt auf deutsch oder auf english

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    ist auf englisch - die beste trainingsliteratur findet man sowieso nur im englischsprachigen raum....